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Bridal Show Readiness

Happy New Year!!!!!!! It’s the start of a New Year and with that, the start of bridal show season around the globe. You’re newly engaged and ready to take planning by storm. First stop, bridal shows.  As Team Details finishes up the final touches for the Celebration Bridal Event this Sunday, we thought it was the perfect time to blog about bridal show readiness. I have been to bridal shows just for fun before being engaged alone, as a friend to a bride, as vendor and as a bride-to-be. Attending in the different capacities has made given me the opportunity to have a viewpoint from all those angles.

Most shows will have you register at the door and you get an identifier as the bride and possibly a bag to contain your goodies from vendors. That one bag will get heavy depending on the amount of booths you visit. It is a good idea to have a paper list or mental list of your needs ready. There will also be special offers for booking within a certain time frame of the show. With technology you are able to see what vendors are attending via the bridal show website, hashtags, and other social media outlets. Start looking at your vendors before the show and talk to them at the show if you are interested. We want to talk to you! This will help you prepare for those special offers that often have quick time frames of redemption.

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Giveaway Day 17 #averydetailschristmas

I know you all have been missing the daily giveaways the last three days! Well, we are combing some of my favorite things to give you something wonderful!

Every day has been about one of my favorite things, today is no different. We are just putting THREE of my favorite “things” together. I love, love, love, love, love (get it) LOVE my photographer. I call her MY photographer because when it comes to my professional photos, she is the go to. I know that Lauren will capture the pure essence of whatever special occasion is happening. I found Lauren on the internet back in 2011 and called for a session. She is the sweetest person I had ever met! Finding out that she was from Ohio and fairly new to Alabama like myself was the icing on the cake! We finally got our shoot in November of 2012, a couple sessions. We got engaged in February of 2013 and she of course did our engagement and wedding. She has also done the wonderful head shots you find on the website. I know that we will have many, many more sessions with Lauren as we continue on in life.

When you meet a professional in the wedding industry that is super talented, loving, kind, and has an amazing soul, you want to want them to do every wedding and/or event with you! I met Jacqueline during the planning of my wedding. She did the hair for some of my bridesmaids. She arrived at my house for the trial very prompt and was fast, efficient, and of course a pleasure! When she left, I said to the bridesmaid Jessica, I love her! She was on Team Summit for the Style the Aisle event that we participated in this past October. She is a wonderful hair stylist who I have had the pleasure of doing my hair as well! Again, LOVE!

I sense you may know where I may going next, make-up. Stacey over the past year has become one of my dear friends who I LOVE to pieces. We probably talk through some form of communication at bare minimum 4-5 times a week. I started following Stacey on Facebook after seeing her work on another photographer’s site. The first time I met her in person was because she won my very first giveaway from Details. We met and talked for a good 30 minutes. Again, I walked away like okay I really like her. We also got to work together on the Style the Aisle event this October. She is an impeccable make-up artist.

All three of these women are head-over-heels in love with their craft. They are some of the sweetest women I am fortunate enough to call my “co-workers” in this crazy thing we call the wedding industry.

Okay, I know you are tired of me talking and want to know what today’s giveaway is. Well today my friends, you probably have guessed it right! Enter to win a FREE engagement session from photography from Lauren Tomasella Photography, hair by Jacqueline Guise-Bridal Hair,  make-up by The Beauty Enhancement by Stacey Spearman, and designed/styled by Details Events and Designs!

Engagement session(1)

How to win today’s #averydetailschristmas giveaway! You may enter until midnight, December 30, 2014 and winner will be announced on December 31,2015! A great way to end the year! You may enter on Facebook or Instagram. You may enter both for double entry. Want to enter an engaged couple? Tag them and tell us why they should win!

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Giveaway day 12 #averydetailschristmas

What women doesn’t LOVE Victoria’s Secret? Being a total girly-girl who loves soft, light scents this fragrance has been a favorite of mine for many years. I can’t think the last time I didn’t receive any for a Christmas gift. My gift to you today is a Heavenly body spray and lotion gift set. I hope today’s winner loves this set as much as I do!  Go ahead, enter to win!


You can enter until 9:30 pm central time tonight 12/15/14! Winner will be announced at 10:00 pm. You can enter via Facebook and or Instagram! Doing both counts as DOUBLE entries! Good luck! You must do all three steps to be entered into the giveaway.


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Giveaway Day Nine #averydetailschristmas

Everyone is getting a good glimpse of my favorite things. Today is one of my favorite local home boutique stores, Sweet Pineapple. I love Instagram, I am there more than Facebook or any other social media site. Remember on day two of the giveaway I mentioned the day of the Simplified Planner release and going to Sweet Pineapple? That was my very first visit of many! Gina always gets me with her Instagram post when the new shipments arrive.

Let my tell you all about this adorably cute store. The owner Gina Garrett is a sweet soul. The very first time I walked into the store she was warm and welcoming. My almost weekly visits not only consist of a purchase, but a good girl business owner to business owner conversation.

The store is located at 601 Pratt Ave in Five Points. It’s a cute bungalow style house that can’t be missed. You will walk in to the aroma of one of the wonderful candles you can find. Gina prides herself on carrying items that you can’t just get in your chain retail stores. I LOVE that detail. She carries amazing bath products, luxurious fabrics, dishes, candles, pillows, kitchen towels, baby gifts, art prints, and so much more. Gina will also do complimentary gift wrapping on your purchases!  You don’t want to miss out on this treasure! Go see her during her special holiday hours 10am – 5pm Monday through Saturday.

So of course, I have teamed up with Gina to present you today’s giveaway. One of my favorite new bath lines, it’s called Farm House Fresh or FHF for short. This is a special edition gift set that includes Whoppie! shea butter bath soak, sweet cream body scrub, and shea butter cream! Once you try it, you will LOVE It! Go ahead and enter below!



You can enter until 11:30 central time tonight! Winner will be announced at !1:59 pm. You can enter via Facebook and or Instagram! Doing both counts as DOUBLE entries! Good luck!


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Munaluchi Bridal Magazine

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am super excited about our wedding being featured on Munaluchi Bridal Magazine’s website. Of course, I had to share with you. You can view the full story here. There were so many people that helped with all the small details that went into bringing everything together. Our friends spent many weeknights and weekends helping with all the crafts I could think of. We made our jelly over several weekends with burn marks to prove it.

andrea-courtney-w-00434A huge thank you to all the vendor’s, friends, and family that helped with crafts, all the events prior to the wedding, and being so supportive. We could not have done it without each and every one of you!