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First Year Love, Ashley + Steven

Happy First Anniversary to the first Details Events and Designs couple Ashley & Stephen!! I really can’t believe a year as gone by! Their wedding was held at the Muscle Shoals Sail Club due to the love of sailing these two have. See their boat in the photos below.  Even with a rainy morning and threats of rain, the day was beautiful! Filled with love, family from afar, nerf guns, bread pudding, and a live band. Thank you Ashley & Stephen for choosing Details Events and Designs to be apart of your special day!

Photography: MOONbelle Photography/ Hair: Jacqueline Guise-Bridal Hair/ Make-up: Make-up by Ronda/ Officiant: Vows by Design/ Caterer: PoBoys Cajun Grill/ Band: Bourbon & Shamrocks/ Rentals: Grand Rental Station/ Venue: Muscle Shoals Sail Club/ Coordination: Details Events and Designs

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Giveaway Day 18 #averydetailschristmas

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite people, my nephew! Today’s giveaway is what he loves the most, PENGUINS! In 2006 there was a super cute little children’s movie called Happy Feet released. Two years later my nephew was born. One visit home to Ohio my nephew was watching the movie and just moving around like the dancing penguin. We knew then that penguins were here to stay and we started to get him everything penguin. We have lost count on how many DVD’s of Happy Feet we’ve purchased. He still dances like Happy Feet, has a room full of penguins, and anything our family sees with a penguin on it, he gets. The kid LOVES penguins, so much that one summer day he put one in the freezer because penguins live in the cold and it was too hot outside for him *stuffed animal (says the then four year old). My mother did not like the shock of finding a stuffed animal in her freezer. I would do everything possible to get my nephew a real penguin, if it were possible.

Of course, today’s giveaway is penguin themed. I really hope that you can make new memories with your loved ones! Happy Feet in a cute penguin bag filled with popcorn!


You can enter until midnight tonight 12/21/14! Winner will be announced tomorrow morning. You can enter via Facebook and or Instagram! Doing both counts as DOUBLE entries! Good luck! You must do all three steps to be entered 21into the giveaway.


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Giveaway Day Eight #averydetailschristmas

I am so excited about today’s giveaway because again I LOVE to read. I don’t get to read as much as I would like or what I am used to now. Maybe that can be one of my New Year’s resolutions. I continue to hear great things about a book and it peaked my interest not only as a wedding planner, but a newly married woman. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I knew I wanted to give books about love and/or marriage away during the giveaways. I needed to at least start reading the book to have reference to it. Well, I went online and saw there are copies for men and women, PERFECT. I ordered two of each, a copy for my husband and myself. I have started my book and love it so far.

As a wedding planner, I love to help people bring together the details of their lives to a unique blend that will start what will be their forever. It’s not all about the party for me. I want to look at my list of brides in twenty years and see long-lasting, loving relationships. Any small thing I can do in the planning part (when things can get kind of hairy) to help my couples to continue to remember the reason why they are at this point, I do. Today, enter to win your own set of The 5 Love Languages!


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Giveaway Day Six #averydetailschristmas

Tuesday’s are fun because you have gotten over Monday right? Well what better way to make it even better than today’s giveaway?! Every one of the giveaways is something that I LOVE, and I love paper! Well let’s be a bit more specific, beautiful paper is what I love. If it sparkles, has fantastic quotes (as mentioned here) or is just simply beautiful. I have a bad habit of going in to one of my favorite stores Target as you all know now from our day three giveaway and perusing through the stationary aisles. Call me old fashioned but I love cards in all shapes and fashions. You can ask my husband. I love leaving little notes for him randomly. There is nothing like leaving a little note to make someone’s day just a little bit brighter. Without further ado today’s giveaway comes from my lovely friend Jacki Gil over at Salt and Paperie. These adorable cards can be yours by entering either through Facebook or Instagram…or both!


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Giveaway Day Four #averydetailschrismas

I love quotes…I mean really love quotes. For those busy days I can’t sit down and read a book or have that 15 minutes of a mental break. Yes, that my friends is where quotes come in. I have them saved in my phone from Instagram, Facebook, web searches, or even random ones I may see as I am out and about. Quotes are those two seconds where you can get that next little burst to make it through whatever it is.

This brings me to today’s giveaway. A little canvas I found while shopping for the giveaway,  “All you need is LOVE.” That isn’t just a romantic love either love from friends, family, and everything in between. To give or to receive, love is a thing that truly makes the world go round. So today I ask that you love a little harder to all those around you. You never know who someone was meant to be in your life or you in theirs.



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