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Giveaway Day 18 #averydetailschristmas

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite people, my nephew! Today’s giveaway is what he loves the most, PENGUINS! In 2006 there was a super cute little children’s movie called Happy Feet released. Two years later my nephew was born. One visit home to Ohio my nephew was watching the movie and just moving around like the dancing penguin. We knew then that penguins were here to stay and we started to get him everything penguin. We have lost count on how many DVD’s of Happy Feet we’ve purchased. He still dances like Happy Feet, has a room full of penguins, and anything our family sees with a penguin on it, he gets. The kid LOVES penguins, so much that one summer day he put one in the freezer because penguins live in the cold and it was too hot outside for him *stuffed animal (says the then four year old). My mother did not like the shock of finding a stuffed animal in her freezer. I would do everything possible to get my nephew a real penguin, if it were possible.

Of course, today’s giveaway is penguin themed. I really hope that you can make new memories with your loved ones! Happy Feet in a cute penguin bag filled with popcorn!


You can enter until midnight tonight 12/21/14! Winner will be announced tomorrow morning. You can enter via Facebook and or Instagram! Doing both counts as DOUBLE entries! Good luck! You must do all three steps to be entered 21into the giveaway.


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