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Bridal Show Readiness

Happy New Year!!!!!!! It’s the start of a New Year and with that, the start of bridal show season around the globe. You’re newly engaged and ready to take planning by storm. First stop, bridal shows.  As Team Details finishes up the final touches for the Celebration Bridal Event this Sunday, we thought it was the perfect time to blog about bridal show readiness. I have been to bridal shows just for fun before being engaged alone, as a friend to a bride, as vendor and as a bride-to-be. Attending in the different capacities has made given me the opportunity to have a viewpoint from all those angles.

Most shows will have you register at the door and you get an identifier as the bride and possibly a bag to contain your goodies from vendors. That one bag will get heavy depending on the amount of booths you visit. It is a good idea to have a paper list or mental list of your needs ready. There will also be special offers for booking within a certain time frame of the show. With technology you are able to see what vendors are attending via the bridal show website, hashtags, and other social media outlets. Start looking at your vendors before the show and talk to them at the show if you are interested. We want to talk to you! This will help you prepare for those special offers that often have quick time frames of redemption.

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