Giveaway Day Nine #averydetailschristmas

Everyone is getting a good glimpse of my favorite things. Today is one of my favorite local home boutique stores, Sweet Pineapple. I love Instagram, I am there more than Facebook or any other social media site. Remember on day two of the giveaway I mentioned the day of the Simplified Planner release and going to Sweet Pineapple? That was my very first visit of many! Gina always gets me with her Instagram post when the new shipments arrive.

Let my tell you all about this adorably cute store. The owner Gina Garrett is a sweet soul. The very first time I walked into the store she was warm and welcoming. My almost weekly visits not only consist of a purchase, but a good girl business owner to business owner conversation.

The store is located at 601 Pratt Ave in Five Points. It’s a cute bungalow style house that can’t be missed. You will walk in to the aroma of one of the wonderful candles you can find. Gina prides herself on carrying items that you can’t just get in your chain retail stores. I LOVE that detail. She carries amazing bath products, luxurious fabrics, dishes, candles, pillows, kitchen towels, baby gifts, art prints, and so much more. Gina will also do complimentary gift wrapping on your purchases!  You don’t want to miss out on this treasure! Go see her during her special holiday hours 10am – 5pm Monday through Saturday.

So of course, I have teamed up with Gina to present you today’s giveaway. One of my favorite new bath lines, it’s called Farm House Fresh or FHF for short. This is a special edition gift set that includes Whoppie! shea butter bath soak, sweet cream body scrub, and shea butter cream! Once you try it, you will LOVE It! Go ahead and enter below!



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Giveaway Day Eight #averydetailschristmas

I am so excited about today’s giveaway because again I LOVE to read. I don’t get to read as much as I would like or what I am used to now. Maybe that can be one of my New Year’s resolutions. I continue to hear great things about a book and it peaked my interest not only as a wedding planner, but a newly married woman. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I knew I wanted to give books about love and/or marriage away during the giveaways. I needed to at least start reading the book to have reference to it. Well, I went online and saw there are copies for men and women, PERFECT. I ordered two of each, a copy for my husband and myself. I have started my book and love it so far.

As a wedding planner, I love to help people bring together the details of their lives to a unique blend that will start what will be their forever. It’s not all about the party for me. I want to look at my list of brides in twenty years and see long-lasting, loving relationships. Any small thing I can do in the planning part (when things can get kind of hairy) to help my couples to continue to remember the reason why they are at this point, I do. Today, enter to win your own set of The 5 Love Languages!


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Giveaway day seven #averydetailschristmas

Some people say that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, I will agree somewhat. However, my favorite meal of the day is lunch. I absolutely, positively love being able to shop and be able to grab a tasty sit down meal too. Being a true believer in shopping locally and eating locally as much as possible, today’s giveaway is a Huntsville gem. One of the places in town I can do this is The Marketplace Café located in the Interior Marketplace. I LOVE the chicken bacon ranch and would suggest that you try it when you visit. There are so many positives about going over and enjoying a few hours of shopping and enjoying lunch with someone. As you prep for the holiday season, make sure to stop in at one of my local favorites. Today’s giveaway is for you and one other person! How about lunch on me and the team? Also, a special little treat from Chef Margaret’s mom “Momma Hale’s Candies” white chocolate, peanuts, and M&M’s the perfect treat while out doing your Christmas shopping!



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Giveaway Day Six #averydetailschristmas

Tuesday’s are fun because you have gotten over Monday right? Well what better way to make it even better than today’s giveaway?! Every one of the giveaways is something that I LOVE, and I love paper! Well let’s be a bit more specific, beautiful paper is what I love. If it sparkles, has fantastic quotes (as mentioned here) or is just simply beautiful. I have a bad habit of going in to one of my favorite stores Target as you all know now from our day three giveaway and perusing through the stationary aisles. Call me old fashioned but I love cards in all shapes and fashions. You can ask my husband. I love leaving little notes for him randomly. There is nothing like leaving a little note to make someone’s day just a little bit brighter. Without further ado today’s giveaway comes from my lovely friend Jacki Gil over at Salt and Paperie. These adorable cards can be yours by entering either through Facebook or Instagram…or both!


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Giveaway Day Five #averydetailschristmas

Happy Monday! I am excited for today’s giveaway because I think it will help you with your Christmas parties in style this year! My love for organization goes way beyond planning. When things are cute it makes fun to want to organize in style. I love a company so much I signed up to sell it’s products several years ago. Thirty-One is one of my favorite direct sales company. I use so many of their products in my day to day life. The “uh-oh kit” I use for my brides is one of the utility bags from Thirty-One. What woman doesn’t love a stylish print with the bonus option of getting it monogrammed?

Well today’s giveaway is a insulated bottle carrier (fits a bottle of wine perfectly) and a snowman mini carry all caddy. I use the mini caddy for handing out treats, putting in a box of tissues, etc. I love snowmen! One of the themes of my holiday decor. Get ready to go to your next party in style!


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Giveaway Day Four #averydetailschrismas

I love quotes…I mean really love quotes. For those busy days I can’t sit down and read a book or have that 15 minutes of a mental break. Yes, that my friends is where quotes come in. I have them saved in my phone from Instagram, Facebook, web searches, or even random ones I may see as I am out and about. Quotes are those two seconds where you can get that next little burst to make it through whatever it is.

This brings me to today’s giveaway. A little canvas I found while shopping for the giveaway,  “All you need is LOVE.” That isn’t just a romantic love either love from friends, family, and everything in between. To give or to receive, love is a thing that truly makes the world go round. So today I ask that you love a little harder to all those around you. You never know who someone was meant to be in your life or you in theirs.



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Giveaway Day Three #averydetailschristmas

Today is probably one of my all time favorites when it comes to my list of favorite things. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Target!! They have pretty much everything a woman could love, especially a Super Target. My love for Target was so strong at one point, I had to visit every single day. Yes, it was that bad. As I look around my house to try and identify all the trips and memories I have made going there. It’s almost like a Starbucks for me. I can find a Target anywhere I am, it’s a comfort. If there is no Target within a few miles, I get a little nervous lol.

Of course Target and Christmas go hand in hand. Today’s, giveaway is a $10 gift card and a pair of burlap NOEL stockings. Have a great day!


How to enter today’s giveaway:


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*You have until 8:30 pm to enter today and winner will be announced at 9:00 pm central.

Giveaway Day Two of #AVeryDetailsChristmas

Day one was great! Here we are at day two.

I have a little obsession with Emily Ley. Who is Emily Ley you ask because you have been hiding under a rock? She is a designer I love because not only does she make beautiful things, she makes them with a purpose to help you simplify life. I started following her work a little over year ago and immediately wanted one of her coveted SIMPLIFIED PLANNERS. As an event planner, you have to be organized. I struggled to find a planner that could let me write everything down in a world where technology rules. There it stood in all it’s glory…the simplified planner, SOLD OUT.

I marked my calendar for September 3, 2014 to be one of the first to order my planner for 2015. The day of my purchase, I saw a local store carried them, Sweet Pineapple Home. I went in because there are several other items I wanted to get from Emily Ley but wanted to see first hand. To the store I went and left with a print that is today’s giveaway. “DO WHAT MATTERS FORGET THE REST.”  It wasn’t the first time I had seen the print, but that day a light bulb went off.

We live in such a fast paced environment and everything is wanted “right now!” This print among a few others I have in my office from Emily Ley remind me to really just slow down. When I find myself in a torn place overwhelmed, I remember to “Do what matters forget the rest.”


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Giveaway Day One of #AVeryDetailsChristmas

I have been ready to start the daily giveaways for a few days now. Making my list of all the goodies, shopping, then thinking about and writing the blogs to announce each prize has been fun. The first item is something that I LOVE…coffee. Coffee and I go way back to my pre-teen years. My dad and grandmother first introduced me to coffee. It was an instant love at first drink. So today I share with you a chance to win a $10 gift card and a iconic gold cup ornament to one of my favorite chain coffee shops, Starbucks™. It holds precious  memories. Whether its on the hunt for a Starbucks™ with my nieces when we are out of town, being on my honeymoon and finding a Starbucks™ in Mexico, meeting brides for consults, or a simple, quick coffee fix there are many memories that have been made with that famous cup.


Don’t wait to enter. The contest ends at 7:30 pm central time and winner is announced at 8:00 pm.You can enter on Facebook and/or Instagram. *One entry per person per social media site.

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Okay so I can’t hold it any longer. A couple of weeks ago I had the idea of doing “Andrea’s Favorite Things” a much smaller version of what the famous Oprah has done in past years. Why you ask, well Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. As I am typing the song It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year is playing in the background. What better way to start prepping for the holidays by giving away some of my favorite things? Every day I will be posting a blog on what my favorite thing is in the morning and drawing a winner every night! You really don’t want to miss what I have in store for you! #averyDETAILSchristmas is coming soon!