Giveaway Day 11 #averydetailschristmas

I believe to really know me is to know that my two favorite and main food groups are pizza and cake. I don’t know how I would survive one without the other. Pizza once a week at bare minimum in the Fields home is a must, whether it be homemade or from a local favorite pizza place. I do love a good homemade pizza on my favorite pizza stone! What is that you ask? Pampered Chef is another one of the direct selling companies that is a guilty pleasure. This stone makes of course pizza, amazing appetizers for Christmas parties, cookies, and so much more. Today, I want you to be able to finish up the last of your holiday baking with one of my favorites! Yes, that’s right today’s giveaway is a Pampered Chef medium round stone!



You can enter until 9:00 pm central time tonight 12/15/14! Winner will be announced at 9:30 pm. You can enter via Facebook and or Instagram! Doing both counts as DOUBLE entries! Good luck! You must do all three steps to be entered into the giveaway.


1. LIKE our page

2. LIKE this photo

3. COMMENT what you would bake on the stone and TAG who would taste it.


1. FOLLOW us

2. LIKE the photo by double tapping

3. COMMENT what you would bake on the stone and TAG who would taste it. 

Would you like a bonus entry? Share the photo with #averydetailschristmas

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